Finding Your Court Date

Finding your court date is no longer a challenge with the NC Courts newest notification feature. Once you get charged with a criminal offense or infraction (such as a speeding ticket), keeping up with your court date can be a challenge especially if you have multiple dates or charges.

If you are simply looking to find your court date click on this link. You have the option to select the county you were charged in, whether the charge is currently in district or superior court. If you are unsure about both of these options, use the All Counties selection and then select BOTH for District and Superior Court. Finally enter your name in the following format: Last Name,First Name. No space goes between the comma and the first and last name.

Finally, if you are looking to get notifications regarding your court date, click on this link. You will need your file number and the county you were charged which you can find by using the steps above. Then the screen will prompt you to select how you wish to be notified, whether by email or text.

If you miss your court date, there may be some collateral consequences that an experienced attorney can help you navigate. You can contact our office for a Consultation on those matters today at 336-422-6251

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